Why Us

A great impression of your house interior begins right from entrance in your home. At PisquareGroupwe offer everything from hand knitted rugs to to decorative cushions and bath mats. We have been on mission to offer your heart’s desire through all our products. Through all these years, we have come a long way in satisfying our customers.

At times you might wonder, why reach out to Pisquaregroup than other textile store, then here is the answer –

  1. Since our inception, we have supplied quality and finest textilesto our customers. Our products are not just of best quality but offer comfort and happiness too. Our company makes sure ensuring standards at each step.
  2. The newly finished fabric is checked at different levels for quality control and is then cut as well as hemmed with meticulousness and upkeep by the expert production team at Pisquaregroup.
  3. Our experts identify and acknowledge every step in our product’s entire manufacturing journey. We proudly maintain our standards from threads to floor.
  4. Our superfine yarns create exceptionally wonderful rugs, curtains, poufsand bathmats no matter what is the threat count.
  5. We constantly surpass the customer expectations, acquiring an enviable reputation of offering consistent level of attention and care.
  6. Our products areof contemporary patterns. Our customers find suitable balance amid value for money, comfort and luxury to cater to their requirement.

Complementing our extensive bathroom and bedroom linens, Pisquaregroup offers range of finest quality of products, which define our efforts in adding new look to your home.


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